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Visa makes money flow by enabling cardholders,retailers and banks to do business with each other. VISA is the glue that binds the payments system together, bringing real value to cardholders, businesses, members and the economy.

They provide the products and services that make electronic transactions fast, secure and convenient.

VISA doesn't issue cards, doesn't sign up retailers, and doesn't decide card holder or retailer fees. All this is done by the banks and other payment service providers who are members of Visa Europe.


MasterCard continues to drive the evolution of payments by promoting new, safer, and more convenient ways to pay, accelerating the displacement of cash and checks, delivering increased value to all of constituents, and advancing commerce in established and emerging markets worldwide.

As consumers and businesses continue to seek ever faster, more secure and smarter methods of payment for an increasing array of transactions, MasterCard Worldwide is at the center, providing a sophisticated set of transaction processing and consulting services that enable economic connections and drive business growth for the customers.

Currencies accepted on this website and USD and EUR.